Log Furniture

The logs we use are from aspen trees and are selected based on their character which can include elk chew, deep brown and orange color, and certain curves that lend themselves to accenting the overall finished product.  We use other types of wood including pine, alder, oak, and hickory  to complement our pieces.  Most woods are available on request.   Timberline Creations LLC has many unique designs to choose from and can also produce items that are based on your specific needs and specifications.

Ask us about our bar stools, kitchen tables/chairs, gun cabinets, book shelves, end tables, coffee tables, entertainment centers, night stands, headboards, dressers, desks, hope chests and more.

Call Timberline Creations LLC for more information or a quote today.


One comment

  1. Mike, Are you the person who had the store in BV and lives in Ranch of the Rockies? I would like to know how much 2 chairs with arms from tough wood for outside on my porch might run along with a small side table. I live in the Ranch also. I think I’ve spoken to you before. Sandy Horrocks

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